There’s Plenty of Caps News if You Know Where to Look

We live in a world of information, in fact probably too much information, so it’s important to know where to go for not only good Capitals coverage, but accurate Caps coverage.

There are several blogs for Caps fans to visit like Washington Post Caps Beat reporter Tarik El-Bashir’s Blog Capitals Insider.

Another good blog would be the blog of Capitals play-by-play announcer Joe Beninati, located here.  Joe knows the Caps almost like no other and provides great insight after every Caps game.

Jaspers Rink is another blog that is filled with information and analysis and should be viewed by any Caps fan.

While blogs are useful and contain some great information, nothing is as immediate as Twitter and if used properly can be a great asset for any Caps fan.

For example, during the trade deadline all Caps related rumors and trade info was listed under the tag #Caps.  Listing the information under one tag enabled Caps fans to get news as soon as it broke.

New media is truly advancing the way people obtain their news, including news about the Caps.


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