Caps inspired play inspires play

Ice rinks across the DC area have seen a spike in those looking to play hockey and they say it’s because the local team is playing so well.

Dimitri Jones works has worked at the Rockville Ice Arena for two years and says she has noticed more people coming in looking to play pick up hockey.

“I’ve personaly seen people come in and they have told me they decided to play because the Caps got them interested in hockey,” said Jones.

Just as I was talking to Jones in walks Justin Miller, a Rockville native who said he never even thought about playing hockey until last year.

“I started watching the games and was hooked,” said Miller. “I went on Ebay and bought some inexpensive equipment to get me started and I’ve been playing ever since, I really like it.”

Jones predicts that as long as the Caps keep winning the rink will keep seeing new faces.

“Two years ago we might have 15 people sign up for pick up on a Wednesday night, but now it’s 20-25 people most nights,” said Jones. “I guess as long as a good team plays down the street we’ll keep having new players come to the rink.”


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