Hershey Not Just A Chocolate Town

Hershey, Pa is know for it’s delicious chocolate,  but it’s also known for hockey.

The Hershey Bears are the Yankees of minor league hockey.  With 10 Calder Cup titles, the Bears are always one of the best teams in the league and this year is no different.

The bears average over 8 thousand fans a game, the most in the league and when you consider that some teams barely crack the one thousand mark you begin to see what an acomplishment it is.

Chad Moniker is a Chambersburg, Pa resident and a full season ticket holder of the Bears and makes the 50 mile jouney to Hershey, Pa 41 times a year to root for the Bears.

“I’m addicted,” said Moniker.  “They have such a great program up there and the atomsphere is great.  Players sign autographs after some of the games, and they always have promotions.  They really focus on their fans and it helps that the are always winning up there.”

On a recent sunday game Defensemen John Carlson and Karl Alzner were signing autographs after the game and fans couldn’t wait to line up to meet their local heros.

The prices are also a big reason why fans pour through the gates.  A lower lever ticket is a mere $22, while uppers are $18.  The game I attended I sat beside a family of four who said they keep coming back because of the low prices.

“You can’t even take the kids to see a movie at this price,” said mother Alison Kendall.  “When you factor in that it keeps the kids happy for a night and not driving us crazy at home, it’s well worth it.”


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