Stores Who Sell Hockey Equipment Shut Their Doors

The Ice and Sports Complex in Hagerstown, Md

In my hometown of Hagerstown, Md, stores that sell hockey equipment can’t seem to keep their doors open. 

First is was the pro shop at the local rink, then it was Play it Again Sports and then it was the reopened pro shop at the local rink.

On a recent trip to play pick up at the rink I asked the clerk, Debbie Knight, why the pro shop had such a hard time staying open.

“Well I wasn’t here when the shop was open, but Ive been told by customers that the shop didn’t offer the kind of equipment they wanted,” said Knight.  “And when we did have things they were looking for it was priced a little too high.”  “It was a small shop from what I understand so they didn’t have much room to knock down prices.”

Before Play It Again Sports closed I went in to purchase some hockey tape they were practically giving away and I asked the owner, Mike Wagner, why the store was closing.

“Well buddy,” said Wagner.  “People go to the big boys like Dicks and Modells now.  We can’t compete with them.  We had a good run, but our time has come.”


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