A Trip to the Garden

Will Call area of MSG

For Spring Break I took a trip to New York City for the week and while I was up there I decided to check out a Rangers/Canadians game.

It was a thrill to be in the “world’s most famous arena,” but I couldn’t help notice how vastly superior the Verizon Center is to MSG. 

First, I understand it’s MSG, it’s famous, full of history, and not going anywhere, but how about a renovation to the inside? 

The actual area where the rink is is set up like a baseball stadium with vast walkways and vendors were walking around throughout the game selling sodas, hotdogs, etc and blocked play every time they walked by.

Second, the concourses were so small it was a nightmare trying to walk around people, get in food lines and find a restroom.  the Verizon Center has enough room where this is never a problem.

Third, the in-game production like getting fans into the game, creating an atmosphere, etc was fall below that of the Verizon Center.  At the Phone Booth you really feel as though it’s the Caps arena and any intruders are unwelcome, something I didn’t feel from the Rangers game.

However, even with my complaints, it was still awe-inspiring being in Madison Square Garden.  The Rangers played a horrible game and the Canadians walked all over them.  Hearing thousands of New Yorkers boo and shout obscenities was just icing on the cake.


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