I Used a Scalper and Avoided the Big House

I did something this week I’ve never done before, I used a scalper.  It’s illegal to do within a certain proximity to arenas and if caught, a fine could be issued and I’ve even heard urban legends of people being arrested.

I needed one ticket to the Rangers game on March 16 and here’s how it all went down.

The scalper was walking casually mumbling under his breath “need one, anyone need one?”  I needed one.

I walked beside him, “yea, just one, how much?”

We go to an undisclosed location.

Scalper:  “$60”

Me: “It’s only a $56 ticket man, come on.”

Scalper:  “$50, final offer.”

Me:  “No, it’s 25 minutes to game time, I know you don’t want to eat the cost of that ticket.  $40 cash right now and we have a deal.”

Scalper:  “No, come on, stop screwing around.”

Me: ” $40s all I got” (as I begin to walk away)

Scalper:  “Fine man, you know you got a good deal, I need to sell it.”

Me:  “You’re still making money buddy, I’m not stupid.”

Scalper:  “Game Thursday, you need one then you come back to see me.”


One Response to “I Used a Scalper and Avoided the Big House”

  1. Heather LeMaire Says:

    Hahaha go you!
    I wanted to go to a game over break, but my hockey loving friend had to work. Turned out okay though since they lost that Friday.

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