Two Games Equal Less Classics

Finally, the Caps and Penguins will be featured in the annual outdoor New Years Day Winter Classic game next year, but if you miss it, don’t worry, just tune in a month later.

The Ovechkin/Crosby rivalry is one the NHL loves to market, so it’s somewhat surprising it has taken this long to happen.  The NHL markets the heck out of the Winter Classic games and they draw huge ratings for NBC, but now there the league is talking about another outdoor game, this one in Canada on Hockey Day that features two Canadian teams.

Having two outdoor games runs the risk of diminishing what makes the game so special in the first place.  Hockey was born outdoors on frozen ponds and the Winter Classic is the NHL’s time to shine on the national stage and adding another outdoor game a mere 90 days later would take away the luster that game brings.

The Winter Classic is like Christmas for hockey fans, it’s a special one-day event that takes hockey back to its roots.  More outdoor games takes away the unique quality the games were developed to achieve. 

In any event, it’ll be a New Year to celebrate as Ovechkin and Crosby take their rivalry to the next level in a game that could possibly put one ahead of the other of the “who’s better” debate, well, ok, that debate will probably never be resolved.


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