Good Times at Hard Times

Hard Times Cafe in Hagerstown, Md.

It’s playoff time and Hard Times Cafe in Hagerstown, Md. is hosting viewing parties for all Caps games throughout the playoffs.  The first party is Thursday night.

“We’re a sports bar,” said manager Beth Kirpatrick.  “We’ve had great turnouts for Caps and Penguins games this year, so we know people enjoy watching hockey.  We’ll be having specials throughout the parties and as always we’ll have our pool tables and great food.”

Hard Times in the Arlington, Va. have been host to many Caps viewing parties the last two seasons and have giveaways and beer specials throughout the night, but for now the Hagerstown location won’t be giving away prizes.

“Well, we don’t get a budget unfortunately to give away prizes like jersey and pucks like the ones in DC and Virginia do,” said Kirpatrick.  “Who knows, maybe if the Caps go deep and we have a big turnout, maybe that’s something we could workout somehow.”

For now, the Hard Times in Hagerstown will stick to what they do best, billiards and good times.


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