Ovie sets the Ice and Collectors Market on Fire

Aside from being one of the best players in the world, Alex Ovechkin is also one of the most valuable assets in the world of hockey cards.

The quarterly card show at the Valley Mall in Hagerstown, Md., is set for April 16 and 17 and as always, Ovie is a hot commodity.

“Every year Ovechkin goes up in value on the collectors market,” said John Toms, an employee at Burton’s Cards in Frederick, Md.  “His rookie card has climbed every year and a mint-gem graded card can go anywhere from $800-$1200.”

Darrell Morgan is a card dealer who travels to shows in the Maryland, DC and Virginia area and plans to attend the show in Hagerstown.  He says he sells more Ovechkin cards than anybody else in any other sport.

“People want Ovechkin cards,” said Morgan.  “I don’t mean just the common cards, but jersey cards, autograph cards, things like that.  In my booth, no matter how many Ovechkin cards I take in to sell I always leave without them, it never fails.”

Ovechkin’s Capitals are the favorites to win the Stanley Cup and Morgan says that will only make Ovie’s value on the market go up.

“We saw Crosby’s cards go up ten to fifteen percent,” said Morgan.  “I have to think the same thing would happen for Ovechkin if he can win the Cup this year like Crosby did last year.”


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