Green Needs to Go

The Caps monumental collapse was completed with a 2-1 loss tonight and Mike Green played a huge role in that collapse.

A terrible offensive zone penalty resulted in a power play goal for Montreal and as Green was spinning around like a fool late in the third the second Montreal goal was scored.

Words cannot describe how horrible Mike Green has been in his playoff career.  He seems to just turn it off and coast through, hoping to get to start his summer as soon as possible.

I’ve never like the guy as a player, but even Mike Green enthusiast and longtime Caps fan Matt Morris is beginning to agree.

“I’m a big Green fan,” said Morris.  “Having said that, he has really not played very well when it counts.  Whether it’s the pressure or what, I don’t know.  He has been single-handedly responsible for a lot of goals and he’s on a short leash now.  Just play smart, it’s not that hard.”


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