In the words of a Montreal fan

I met a guy from Montreal at my old college who was a huge Canadians fan and had moved to the states because his father took a job in DC.

After the Caps blew another season, I emailed my old friend, Jean DeBouis, and asked him for some thoughts.

” My thoughts?  What a hell of a series.  Halak played like a man possessed,” said DeBouis.  “My family and I had a party at our house to watch the game and we just couldn’t believe it.  No one gave us a chance and then we come out and do this.  This is the Super Bowl to us.  No one in the states understands what hockey means to people in Canada.  It’s religion.”

While Caps fans sit and wonder what went wrong, Montreal will take on the Penguins in Round 2.

“The Penguins are going to be tough,” said DeBouis.  “I mean, after knocking off the Caps though, who knows what this team can do.”


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