New Fans Disappointed at Team

Every Capitals fan knows they will have their heart broken every year in some unimaginable way.  This year though, the Caps have outdone themselves.  What is already being called the most difficult defeat in the franchises history is, for some, the first taste of Caps hockey.

Jamie Swinford is a new Caps fan, deciding to start following the team on their history season.  She says the team she watched wasn’t the same team that took the ice in the playoffs.

“I never would have got into them if this was the team they were in the playoffs,” said Swinford.  “They couldn’t score, couldn’t pass, they were just real bad.”

Amazing what two years can do when two years ago Caps fans were happy the Caps even made the playoffs at all and when the team lost in seven games to Philadelphia everyonewas okay with it.

“It was different then,” said Ed Pipken, who started following the team that year.  “This year, anything but a trip to the finals would have been a disappointment.  I’ve followed this team for two years now and it keeps getting worse every year.”

No longer can Caps fans hold out optimism until next season, hoping to build on past failures.

“What else is there,” said Pipken.  “This was the best shot we’re going to have for a long time.”


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