Fans weigh in on what it will take to win the Cup next year.

With the Caps collapsing to the Canadians and exiting the playoffs early again this year, armchair GMs are popping up everywhere with suggestions to fix the Capitals woes.

Colin Foster has been a Caps fans his entire 22 years of existence and has been through the numerous playoffs failures and he says the Caps are one defender away from playoff glory.

“We need a good D-man, and no, Mike Green doesn’t count,” said Foster.  “All the great teams have a good shut-down defenseman.”

Other fans, like Adam Sebring say a goalie is all that’s needed.

“Theo and Varly,” said Sebring.  “Those arn’t two names I want in my net when I’m trying to win a Cup.  They need a good goalie and they’d be fine.”

Whatever the Caps need they have all summer to think about it and go out and get it.  Next year everyone starts fresh,  but as Caps fans know, you should always expect to be let down.


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