First Year Fans React to Loss

With the Caps stunning first round playoff exit, some bandwagon fans are sure to fall off, but consensus around the campus of Towson University is the Caps are here to stay.

Senior Chad Rock says he has been a Caps fan for two years and will continue to be even after the disappointing end to the season.

“Yea, I’ll keep liking them,” said Rock.  “They’re going to have a good team for a few years, they just need to figure out how to win in the playoffs.  Once I started watching hockey I was hooked, it’s a lot of fun.”

Sophomore Anise Richards sported her Mike Green jersey during the playoffs this year and says she’ll continue to support the team as well.

“I just started liking the team this year,” said Richards.  “I bought a Mike Green jersey and wore it, but I might need to switch jerseys because he played terrible in the playoffs.  Anything to help out.”

However, freshman Phillip Hose said he had fun watching the Caps while it lasted, but won’t be back.

“I’m a football guy,” said Hose.  “All my friends were watching the Caps, so I decided to watch too,  but I can’t see myself sitting through another season.  I wanted to pay attention this season to see if I was interested, but I think I like football more still.”


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