A Superstar Creates a Superfan

Tammy Devour with Capitals mascot Slapshot

Tammy Devour knew nothing about hockey before 2006, in fact, the 42-year-old Frederick, Md native had only been in an ice rink a handful of times in her life.

In February 2006, however, Tammy just so happened to turn on her television to the Winter Olympics as Russian was playing Latvia in a preliminary round of hockey and the rest is history.

“That was the first hockey game I really watched,” said Devour.  “I noticed this guy for Russia and I couldn’t stop watching him.  About halfway through the game the announcer said he played for Washington and I couldn’t believe it.”

The guy?  Alex Ovechkin.  Four years later Tammy is in her third year of $2,500 full season tickets, has attended every home playoff game, and regularly makes the hour commute to Arlington, Va to watch her favorite player practice.

Tammy now owns an Ovechkin jersey, which she hangs in her closet next to her Green, Semin and Brooks Laich jerseys.  Tammy even bought her husband Rod an Ovechkin jersey after he finally attended a Caps game.

“Yea, she got me,” said the 40-year-old, lifelong Redskins fan.  “I said, I’m a football guy, not a hockey guy, but after seeing how passionate she was I finally went to a game and it’s pretty exciting.”

Tammy says she doesn’t know exactly what it is that attracts her to the game, but said it was Ovechkin that took her interest and made it a passion.

“I honestly can’t tell you what it was,” said Devour.  “I was just hooked and to find out Alex played all year an hour from my house, I just couldn’t believe it.  I liked the game, but Ovie is a rock star and he just draws you in with the way he plays.  Other Caps fan have said I must have been living under a rock for two years to not know about him sooner, but if you’re not into something you kinda just don’t know.”

Tammy now considers herself a diehard and said her love of the Capitals is here to stay.

“I know I became a fan because of Ovechkin and I’ve met a lot of people that hold that against me, but everyone has to become a fan at some point,” says Devour.  “I’ve put a lot of time and a heck of a lot of money into this team, so I think I have the right to call myself a true fan and it’s all because I turned on my TV.”


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