Green Needs to Go

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The Caps monumental collapse was completed with a 2-1 loss tonight and Mike Green played a huge role in that collapse.

A terrible offensive zone penalty resulted in a power play goal for Montreal and as Green was spinning around like a fool late in the third the second Montreal goal was scored.

Words cannot describe how horrible Mike Green has been in his playoff career.  He seems to just turn it off and coast through, hoping to get to start his summer as soon as possible.

I’ve never like the guy as a player, but even Mike Green enthusiast and longtime Caps fan Matt Morris is beginning to agree.

“I’m a big Green fan,” said Morris.  “Having said that, he has really not played very well when it counts.  Whether it’s the pressure or what, I don’t know.  He has been single-handedly responsible for a lot of goals and he’s on a short leash now.  Just play smart, it’s not that hard.”


Heartbreak in the District

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The Capitals blew another huge series lead and the season is over.  The Caps were up three games to one and let it slip away.  The heartbreak at home was magnified at Verizon Center.

“Speechless,” said Don Saum, game 7 attendee.  “Every year is a new heartbreak with this team.  The building was silent most of the game and we all just sat there looking into space after the game.  I just can’t even believe it.”

Not even the countless blown series leads against the hated Penguins can compare to this.  The Caps won their first ever Presidents Trophy for most points in the regular season and it was all for nothing.

“I would like to have hope for next year,” said Saum.  “I just can’t must any enthusiasm.  This was the best team in the history of the franchise and look what happened.”

Caps gear nowhere to be found in local sports stores

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On a recent trip to Dick’s Sporting Goods in Hagerstown, Md., I noticed some Orioles merchandise, Nationals gear and even a DC United T-shirt, but no Caps gear.

Confused, I stopped the nearest associate I could find and asked them why.

“Um, I just don’t think it sold that well the last time we had it in,” said Emily Cardone, a sales associate.

In fact, the Caps gear generated the fewest sales out of all the local sports teams they had in stock, according to manager Rod Bumbaugh.

“We had a few shirts and Ovechkin jerseys last season,” said Bumbaugh.

“We ended up having to reduce them to clearance and even then we had a hard time getting rid of them. If they do well this year then we’ll see, but unfortunately we just can’t stock them if they arn’t going to sell.”

Even a trip to the Sports Authority in Frederick, Md was in short supply on a recent trip and their associate said the same thing.

“It just doesn’t sell well, so we don’t stock it.”

Caps Success Means Higher Ticket Prices

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As the Caps enter the playoffs as the best team in the league there is plenty for Caps fans to be excited about.  However, with success comes fans who want to see the team play and where there is an increase in demand there is an increase in price.

The owners announced a raise in ticket prices for next year marking the third year in a row tickets will increase.  The added price has many fans upset, especially those who have supported the team when no one else would.

Alex Mehove is one of those people.  Mehove, 31,  has had partial season tickets for seven years and says he understands why the increase in price, but feels it alienates those who have stuck with the team.

“I understand why they’re doing it,” Mehove said.  “If I had a product that people wanted I would want to maximize my profits, but at the same time, I went when not many others did.  It’s a catch-22, people want the team to win, but they pay the price when they do.”

Full season tickets for the upper level, level 400’s, will cost $995 compared to three years ago when the cost was $668. 

“Tickets across the board have been raised,” said Mehove.  “The people in the 100’s spend a couple of thousand a year already, but for people like myself who can’t really afford those it’s a shame to see the upper level now approaching what the lower level was a couple of years ago.

Mehove vows to continue going to games, but says he may have to cut back a little.

“I love going, but maybe I’ll buy an 11-game plan instead next year.”

Ovie sets the Ice and Collectors Market on Fire

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Aside from being one of the best players in the world, Alex Ovechkin is also one of the most valuable assets in the world of hockey cards.

The quarterly card show at the Valley Mall in Hagerstown, Md., is set for April 16 and 17 and as always, Ovie is a hot commodity.

“Every year Ovechkin goes up in value on the collectors market,” said John Toms, an employee at Burton’s Cards in Frederick, Md.  “His rookie card has climbed every year and a mint-gem graded card can go anywhere from $800-$1200.”

Darrell Morgan is a card dealer who travels to shows in the Maryland, DC and Virginia area and plans to attend the show in Hagerstown.  He says he sells more Ovechkin cards than anybody else in any other sport.

“People want Ovechkin cards,” said Morgan.  “I don’t mean just the common cards, but jersey cards, autograph cards, things like that.  In my booth, no matter how many Ovechkin cards I take in to sell I always leave without them, it never fails.”

Ovechkin’s Capitals are the favorites to win the Stanley Cup and Morgan says that will only make Ovie’s value on the market go up.

“We saw Crosby’s cards go up ten to fifteen percent,” said Morgan.  “I have to think the same thing would happen for Ovechkin if he can win the Cup this year like Crosby did last year.”

Capital One Bank Presents Rock the Red Rally at Kettler

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Capital One Bank will be sponsoring a Rock the Red Rally at Kettler Capitals Iceplex in Arlington, Va., Wednesday, April 14 from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Fans can watch the Caps take part in a team practice in preparation for their first game Thursday against the Montreal Canadians and fans can stick around after practice for comments from Bruce Boudreau.

The Mike Wise Show, a sports show on DC station 106.7 will broadcast live from Kettler and all fans in attendance will receive rally towels. 

 Slapshot, the Capitals mascot, will also be on hand taking pictures with fans and giving away prizes throughout the morning.

Additional info on this event and all official viewing parties and playoff events can be found at

Good Times at Hard Times

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Hard Times Cafe in Hagerstown, Md.

It’s playoff time and Hard Times Cafe in Hagerstown, Md. is hosting viewing parties for all Caps games throughout the playoffs.  The first party is Thursday night.

“We’re a sports bar,” said manager Beth Kirpatrick.  “We’ve had great turnouts for Caps and Penguins games this year, so we know people enjoy watching hockey.  We’ll be having specials throughout the parties and as always we’ll have our pool tables and great food.”

Hard Times in the Arlington, Va. have been host to many Caps viewing parties the last two seasons and have giveaways and beer specials throughout the night, but for now the Hagerstown location won’t be giving away prizes.

“Well, we don’t get a budget unfortunately to give away prizes like jersey and pucks like the ones in DC and Virginia do,” said Kirpatrick.  “Who knows, maybe if the Caps go deep and we have a big turnout, maybe that’s something we could workout somehow.”

For now, the Hard Times in Hagerstown will stick to what they do best, billiards and good times.