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One Man’s Date With Stanley

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The Stanley Cup

As a Capitals fan I have never had the experience of seeing my team win the Stanley Cup and that means, I have never held, touched, kissed, fondled, stroked, stared, glared, drank from, or even have come close to the greatest trophy in sports.

I called  a guy named Matt Chancler, a Penguins fan, to give me his experience with the Cup.  Matt saw his team win the Cup last year and thus has had a chance to hold, touch, kiss, fondle, stroke, stare, glare and drink from the Cup, although he only actually touched it and took a picture.

As hard as it was for me to listen to a Penguins fan tell his story of his moment with the Stanley Cup, I did it, and I did it only because of this blog, just know that.

“I tell ya, seeing the sun glisten just so off of that beautiful Cup was quite an experience,” said Chancler, knowing he was already annoying me.  “I really hope one day you have the opportunity to see what I saw, although I really doubt you will.”

It was at this point I was weighing the option of scrapping this post and taking a zero for the assignment, but I pressed on.

Matt went to the parade in Pittsburgh last June and was surrounded by thousands of bandwagoners, I mean fans, that also liked the Penguins because of Crosby.

“I only had a few moments with the Cup because there were so many people,” said Chancler.  “I wanted some more time, but all I was able to do was touch it and take a picture.  I guess I will have to wait until this June to actually hold it.”

So, there you have it.  Matt wasn’t very insightful or descriptive, but took the chance to really rub it in that the Caps lost to the Penguins in last year’s playoffs.  I guess I shouldn’t have expected much from a Pens fan.


Varly Victimized, Caps Lose Again

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The Caps dropped their second straight game Thursday night after winning 14 in a row, losing 6-5 to the Ottawa Senators in a game that featured an Alex Semin hat trick and the return of goaltender Semyon Varlamov.

Varly played two games for the Capitals minor league team, the Hershey Bears, but hadn’t played an NHL game since he was sidelined on December 7th with various injuries.  In his return Thursday night Varlamov appeared slow, out of position, and was a big reason the Caps lost.

After watching the rookie goalie get victimized I called a Hershey season ticket holder I know, Darren Johnson, the get the scoop on Varly’s two reconditioning stints.  I had read the reports, but I wanted a fresh perspective.

“Varly came up here and looked great after a 4-1 Bears win, but injured himself again in the process,” said Johnson.  “The second game he played in, a 5-4 Bears win, he was just good enough to get them the win, nothing special.  At times he was out of position and didn’t really look like the Varlamov we’re all used to.  The Bears and the Caps have so much offensive firepower that goalies just need to not lose the game, they don’t have to steal wins and Varly looked Thursday night like he looked in his second rehab start and that’s not a good thing.  I think he came back from his injury the first time a little early.”

Varlamov is still an impressive 12-2-2 with a 2.44 GAA and a .916 SV%, but what looked like a Calder Trophy year for Varly has turned into one filled with injuries and doubt and a now has Caps fans wondering if he will be ready for another lengthy playoff run come Spring.