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Green Turtle Givaways

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The Green Turtle in Hagerstown, Md

The Green Turtle in Hagerstown, MD is one of the few bars in town that supports the great game of hockey.  Five times this season the Turtle held viewing parties for Caps games and gave away jerseys, pucks and had numerous drink specials.

Manager Brad Miller came up with the idea after other Green Turtle’s in and around the District started doing the same thing.

“We’re kinda new here in Hagerstown and we’ve been trying to establish a relationship with our customers the best way we can think of,” said Miller.  “Hockey fans are passionate people and they come to us because of the viewing parties.  I don’t think there is another bar, unless you go to Frederick, that does that around here.”

On a recent trip to watch a Caps/Penguins game I missed out on the jersey, but the guy who won it was happy to tell me what I missed out on

“I came just to watch the game with some friends,” said winning Reid Jennings.  “I didn’t expect to win anything, but it feels awesome.  I pay $10, get two beers and a Caps jersey.  I’m glad I decided to come out, I will definitely be back.”

Manager Brad Miller feels awesome too.

“These parties have turned out to be more than I expected,” said Miller.  “We turn on the game, offer a few specials and watch the people come through the doors.  it has been pretty profitable for us, I don’t see any reason we won’t do something like this again next season.”