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Ovechkin Shines on the World Stage

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Alex Ovechkin is one of the best, if not the best, hockey players in the world and he is proving it at this year’s Winter Olympics. 

Ovechkin has been the star of a Russian team stacked with talent and his ability to change the course of a game was on display during Sunday’s 4-2 win over the Czech Republic.  The current Capital laid out former Capital Jaromir Jagr with a center ice hit that led to an odd man rush and an eventual goal for his Russian teammate Evgeni Malkin.  The hit was just another in a long line that Capitals fans have seen, but for Olympic play, was a breath of fresh air.

Alex Ovechkin is a playmaker, a goal scorer and a physical presence all wrapped in to one and possibly not since the days of the Great Gordie Howe has the league, or the world for that matter, seen anything like him. 

Hockey fans around the world love him and perhaps none more than his fans in Washington and the surrounding areas.  On a recent trip to the Green Turtle in Hagerstown, MD, about an hour outside of Washington, to watch a Caps/Penguins game the room was filled with Ovechkin jerseys.  As the Ovechkin reeled off another great performance, scoring a hat trick, I turned to the guy wearing a Ovechkin jersey beside me and before I could say anything he said, “he’s the best player this team will ever have and the best player we’ll ever have a chance to watch.”

Touche fellow Caps fan, touche.


Canada and U.S. do battle on MSNBC

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Olympic Hockey, Sidney Crosby, Jonathan Toews, MSNBC; not usually the list you’d expect to see, yet on Sunday night that’s exactly what hockey fans will get.

In a decision by NBC, the most anticipated game of the men’s hockey preliminary round between Canada and the United States will be shown on the network of liberal politics, MSNBC.

NBC Universal Sports and Olympics Vice President Christopher McCloskey said the decision was based on the fact that the entire game could be seen on MSNBC, whereas NBC would be switching back and forth between sports.

“The incorporation of cable platforms into Olympic programming allows for the avid sports fan to watch games the way they are used to watching them–with long form coverage,” McCloskey said.

Dan Stern, a Hagerstown, MD sports bar owner, said he has shown every men’s hockey game no matter what channel they are on and says his patrons know what channel the games are on.

“I have people come in to my bar and tell me to turn on CNBC and I kinda look at them funny until I realize that’s where the hockey game is being shown,” said Stern.  I’ve had more news channels on in the past few weeks than I’ve had on in the past year.  People don’t care what channel the game is on, they just want to see it.”