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You’ve Got Tickets, Now What?

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Going to a Caps game is a great experience, but it’s not just the game that matters.  The Caps play in one of the best cities in the world and there is plenty to do around the Verizon Center.

The Verizon Center is just blocks away from the White House, the Washington Monument, the Smithsonian, and a plethora of museums and shops.

The best views of Washington can be seen from the Washington Monument and the fact that tickets are free at makes the experience even better.

While tours are no longer offered at the White House, visitors can still view the home of the President from the sidewalk that is literally just a few short feet from the front lawn.

The Smithsonian is also something the entire family can enjoy.  The Holocaust Museum, the Air and Space Museum and paintings by Van Gogh and Picasso are all located at “the mall” in DC.

If you just can’t get enough Caps hockey, a short trip via the Orange Line on the Metro to the Ballston station in Arlington, Virginia will take you to where the Caps practice.  Game day morning skates are open and free for the public and it’s a chance to see the players up close.

After a full day in DC, the only thing left to do is enjoy the game.


Deadline Day Done, Caps Winners?

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D-man Joe Corvo was added by the Caps on deadline day

The trade deadline has come and gone and teams have either added pieces for a run to the Cup or unloaded dead weight and arm-chair GM’s worldwide come out of the woodworks to slam or praise the real GM’s.

How did the Caps fare you may be asking yourself.  Well, who really knows how the Cap did, I sure don’t.

GMGM unloaded one puck moving defense men, Brian Pothier, for another puck moving defense men, Joe Corvo.  Confused?  Me too.  The Caps also added defense men Milan Jurcina, yes, the same Jurcina the Caps gave the heave-ho to in December.  Confused?  Me too.

Moving on from the additions on defense.  What, were you expecting more?  So was every other Caps fan.  Right Winger Scott Walker was added from the Canes and for only a 7th round pick, way to go George.  Finally, Center Eric Belanger was added from the Wild for a second-round pick and after the Walker deal seems like a steep price, but I’ll give it to you George.

CapsBlog blogger Adam Wellington claimed a winger with a number in the teens would be on the move today in a package for a physical D-man and that, as we know, never pan out, so I said hey Adam, what’s up with the misleading lead?

“A reputable source had told me it was a done deal that would have either Flash or Fehr being shipped out for a physical D-man, but the deal fell through at the last minute because the two team couldn’t come to terms on the value of the mystery player,” said Wellington.  “I made the call to post it and you guys jumped on me when 3 p.m. came and went and a bruiser wasn’t added to the Caps, so I’m sorry, but that goes to show how the day works, things can change on a dime.”

The boys are back in town tomorrow with the new additions in tow and only time will tell if GMGM made the right moves, but the armchairs have spoken and even they don’t even know if the Caps are winners or losers on this important deadline day.

Ovechkin Shines on the World Stage

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Alex Ovechkin is one of the best, if not the best, hockey players in the world and he is proving it at this year’s Winter Olympics. 

Ovechkin has been the star of a Russian team stacked with talent and his ability to change the course of a game was on display during Sunday’s 4-2 win over the Czech Republic.  The current Capital laid out former Capital Jaromir Jagr with a center ice hit that led to an odd man rush and an eventual goal for his Russian teammate Evgeni Malkin.  The hit was just another in a long line that Capitals fans have seen, but for Olympic play, was a breath of fresh air.

Alex Ovechkin is a playmaker, a goal scorer and a physical presence all wrapped in to one and possibly not since the days of the Great Gordie Howe has the league, or the world for that matter, seen anything like him. 

Hockey fans around the world love him and perhaps none more than his fans in Washington and the surrounding areas.  On a recent trip to the Green Turtle in Hagerstown, MD, about an hour outside of Washington, to watch a Caps/Penguins game the room was filled with Ovechkin jerseys.  As the Ovechkin reeled off another great performance, scoring a hat trick, I turned to the guy wearing a Ovechkin jersey beside me and before I could say anything he said, “he’s the best player this team will ever have and the best player we’ll ever have a chance to watch.”

Touche fellow Caps fan, touche.

Varly Victimized, Caps Lose Again

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The Caps dropped their second straight game Thursday night after winning 14 in a row, losing 6-5 to the Ottawa Senators in a game that featured an Alex Semin hat trick and the return of goaltender Semyon Varlamov.

Varly played two games for the Capitals minor league team, the Hershey Bears, but hadn’t played an NHL game since he was sidelined on December 7th with various injuries.  In his return Thursday night Varlamov appeared slow, out of position, and was a big reason the Caps lost.

After watching the rookie goalie get victimized I called a Hershey season ticket holder I know, Darren Johnson, the get the scoop on Varly’s two reconditioning stints.  I had read the reports, but I wanted a fresh perspective.

“Varly came up here and looked great after a 4-1 Bears win, but injured himself again in the process,” said Johnson.  “The second game he played in, a 5-4 Bears win, he was just good enough to get them the win, nothing special.  At times he was out of position and didn’t really look like the Varlamov we’re all used to.  The Bears and the Caps have so much offensive firepower that goalies just need to not lose the game, they don’t have to steal wins and Varly looked Thursday night like he looked in his second rehab start and that’s not a good thing.  I think he came back from his injury the first time a little early.”

Varlamov is still an impressive 12-2-2 with a 2.44 GAA and a .916 SV%, but what looked like a Calder Trophy year for Varly has turned into one filled with injuries and doubt and a now has Caps fans wondering if he will be ready for another lengthy playoff run come Spring.